What is Gorgeous Gorse Hill?

Gorgeous Gorse Hill is an initiative from the local by the local community to improve the local street-scene. We want to work with the community and businesses to identify and improve both developed and undeveloped space within Gorse Hill that has the potential to be made more “gorgeous” by community gardening and artwork.

We’ve already won funding through the Thrive Trafford funding pot and the first stage in our project is to brighten up Chester Road by working with local businesses to have the metal roller shutters painted. We know they are needed for security but they do make Gorse Hill look drab! We plan to work with a professional graffiti artist and local young people to co-produce designs and develop skills from design to implementation.

We also want to:

  • link with utilities companies to develop art for exchange boxes, traffic light controls etc.
  • develop a community orchard – fruit trees that anyone can come and pick from,
  • brighten up safety railings and patches of land through planters containing flowers, fruit and herbs.

We are open to any other ideas though and would love any local people to get involved.