Sticking shiny things onto ugly grey things – Jennie Wadsworth

What feels like, because it was, months ago, I attended a workshop about mosaicking.
Mosaicked bollardsThe plans have been for ages to mosaic the bollards outside Stretford Leisure Centre on Chester Road. The spanner in the works was the weather. We needed 3 dry days in a row around a weekend. So just after a rainy, end of August bank holiday weekend (yes, I was camping) we got the good news that dry weather was on the way. Everyone’s diaries had to be adjusted so we had a full day to finally get this done. I arrived, with husband, brother and 2 children just after 9am and found lots of other people getting ready to start.

We chose a colour scheme, gathered the tiles we needed, worked out what our pattern was and were given a tub of adhesive and some guidance and off we went.
Lots of people stopped to talk to us and find out what we were up to and we got some very positive comments. We didn’t exactly follow the pattern, trying to curb a 6 year old’s enthusiasm is tricky, and towards the top we started running out of the colours we needed so more mirror tiles were used.
Blue mosaicked bollardI had to leave for a meeting just before we got to the top as we’d also run out of adhesive and supplies had been sent for but the photos of the finished bollards are great. I don’t walk that way normally but when I do I shall definitely check on our bollard, and all the rest, to check they’re still looking great, maybe give them a little polish and be proud of the bright corner of Gorse Hill that I was part of making.
When we get round to decorating our porch we will be mosaicking the floor all by ourselves. And might spill over onto the pavement kerb a little bit 😉
Yellow and black mosaicked bollard