Summer Beauty

Wow we’ve been busy in Gorse Hill the past few weeks; we’ve certainly taken advantage of this glorious weather.

One of the most wonderful things that has happened is that the BT exchange boxes have been decorated – I’ve secretly been looking forward to this the most but it felt like we were waiting a lifetime for the designs to be signed off by BT. But now they are in place our marvellous artist Rob did such a good job interpreting Gorse Hill Scouts designs the boxes have really caused a buzz! (sorry)BeeHere’s a taste of the designs but you can find them all on our new interactive map, the map has the locations of the boxes plus areas of planting – this map will continue to grow and develop as our work grows and develops.

On top of the amazing designs for the BT boxes we’ve been out planting! A large number of the tree pits around Gorse Hill have had lavender, sunflowers, calendula, bronze fennel even tomatoes and cabbages added to them. They are all marked on the map and we will continue to plant the ones on streets that haven’t been done yet. We’re adding little friendly signs to let residents know what we’ve been up to and to recruit their watering help.Sign