I want to be a Community Leader

One of the wonderful John Shuttleworth’s creations pokes gentle fun at those of us who get involved in community activism. Community leader is not one that sits well with me, I see Gorgeous Gorse Hill as a team working to improve our area with the consensus and support of our fellow residents. One of my greatest fears is that our gorgeous vision is not one of the majority of the community.

Notice Board

However, only one year on from us creating the project things have progressed so far and so many people have got involved. There is a lot of work that goes on behind the scenes, emails, meetings, funding applications and phone calls – but the thing that the last year has taught me is how willing so many people are to give up their time to try to improve their area.

So this post is a salute to all those people:

  • The poster designers
  • The leaflet deliverers
  • Those who’ve printed, photocopied and laminated
  • Those who’ve donated seeds, bulbs, plants and compost
  • Those who’ve come and dug, weeded, planted and watered
  • Those who have quietly and kindly tended the tree pits on their streets
  • Those who’ve taken photographs
  • Those who’ve picked litter
  • Those who’ve filled in funding bids
  • Those who’ve counted tree pits and bollards
  • Those who’ve attended meetings
  • Those who’ve written letters
  • Those who’ve done designs
  • Those who’ve donated refreshments and venues

I’m sure there are tasks (and by default) people I’ve forgotten but it gives you an insight into how much work, energy and passion goes into making our corner of Greater Manchester a little more gorgeous.

Over the next months and even years I’m confident more and more people will get involved and as a result more and more people will be able to enjoy the gorgeousness that the project offers them.

I hope this has inspired some more people to become “community leaders”; as personally I can say this project has been one of the most worthwhile and enjoyable things I’ve done.