Gorgeous Gorse Hill is a group of local residents, who are working together to try and improve the local area for all – quite simply to make it gorgeous!

Gorse Hill is a suburb of Manchester. Within its boundaries sits Manchester United’s football ground and Lancashire County’s Cricket Ground. The area sits on the A56 and has approximately 8000 residents.

Gorgeous Gorse Hill works to improve the appearance of the local area through art and gardening, and to build community through public events.


We work with creative artists to add paintings and decorations to the streets of Gorse Hill. We’ve added images developed by local children based on local flora and fauna to roller shutters and exchange boxes. We’ve decorated bollards and other street furniture. And we’ve added murals to the sides of local buildings.

You can see all of our art sites on our map.

Plants and flowers

There are large areas of waste ground, neglected flower beds and grass verges throughout Gorse Hill. We develop them into sustainable, insect-friendly and colourful flower and plant beds. We’ve added planters, mini parks and plant beds in many places, and even planted fruit trees. Local people volunteer to help us keep them gorgeous.

You can see all of our gardening sites on our map.

Community events

We work with partner organisations to put on two community events each year. We have a fun Spring Fair at Gorse Hill Studios. And we hold a Lantern Parade every winter, carrying beautiful lanterns through the streets wich have been made by local people with help from artists.

Be part of it!

Gorgeous Gorse Hill is run by local people for local people. Together we can make Gorse Hill Gorgeous!

If you are interested in getting involved in the project or would like to know more, please sign up for our email updates, join our Facebook group or follow us on Instagram.