Let There Be Light

It’s not long to the second Gorse Hill Lantern Parade on the 20th November. We are currently working on our large lanterns, repairing the old ones, and creating some exciting new ones as well. We’ve been running workshops for people to make smaller ones so they can join in as well. We have two workshops on the day of the parade which are already fully booked.

But don’t worry you can still join in making lanterns at home to bring with you and join in, there’s a wealth of resources online to help you make your own.

Here are some to get you going.

Last year, friend of Gorgeous Gorse Hill Venessa Scott created two wonderful videos for making paper lanterns you can find them in this blog from last year: A Light in the Dark Places

In addition there are loads on YouTube to make all types, so here’s a few to help, if you want to make a wicker lantern you could try this one from the Eden Project which has useful info on how long it will take and what resources you need.

Or if you want something a little simpler you can make lanterns with jam jars and this great video on YouTube can help.

Whether you make a paper, wicker, or jam jar lantern they’ll all look great and will mean the parade will look even better.

See you on the 20th!